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I posted a question last night, and seeing as I have made some progress but run into new issues, I am asking again, hoping for some help :)

I have a Facebook page tab on my fan page. I get the content for the iframe from a URL on my own site, as you're supposed to. On this content URL I have the comments plugin added, and finally made the moderation tool work today after much struggle. Furthermore I have a script calling the FB Javascript SDK, one calling the commments plugin and finally one that sets the height to auto and gets rid of scrollbars.

Twice in my script do I have to declare the URL for my comments plugin: Here in the og:metatags:

<meta property="og:url" content="URL_FOR_MY_CONTENT.COM"/>

And here in the comments tag, as to where it links to:

<fb:comments href="URL_FOR MY_CONTENT.COM" num_posts="15" width="500"></fb:comments>

Now, the perfect scenario would be if the link that shows up in the feed of those commenting is for the facebook tab. I can do this by adding the Facebook page tab URL in the fb:comments tag, however, moderation only works when I supply the link to the actual URL with content for my iframe page tab, and alas the facebook comments module. Obviously a page that is 520px wide on a white background with no context, is not all that appropriate. But linking elsewhere than here, even for another off-facebook URL means moderation isn't working.

Moderation is crucial here... Any good suggestions?

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If your site call only one php script to generate the content, you can insert to top of the code this small code:

    if (empty($_POST['signed_request']))  {
        header("Location: YOUR_TAB_URL");

In this case, if somebody click the link, the browser will be redirected to the TAB page, in the tab, nothing will happen.

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Thanks. I'm not sure php will work on my server for this site. But I'll probably look for some similar solution if possible. – user1193358 Feb 7 '12 at 21:06

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