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This is basically a very noob question about Ruby console (IRB), but I couldn't find answer anywhere. So. When writing a statement in Ruby console and then in the middle of it pressing Enter, sometimes console expects me to continue the statement and start to look like this:

ruby-1.9.2-p180 :093">

That " basically tells (i think) that Ruby expects me to finish the statement on the previous line. However there is no way I can finish it or cancel the statement. Pressing Enter again doesn't really help, and also Ruby stops computing other statements if I enter some at this point.

So, what is this mode and how to handle it?

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It means your quotes are unbalanced; enter a quote.

irb(main):004:0> s="this is
irb(main):005:0" a test"
=> "this is\na test"

You can also hit Ctrl-C <Return>, which will drop you to the root prompt. Ctrl-D will drop you back to the prompt, but the next <Return> will throw an error due to the unterminated quote.

Alternatively, use pry, which will let you use ! to escape back to your top level.

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Thanks, that was it! Also thanks for the pry link. –  Alexander Savin Feb 8 '12 at 9:17

You can still finish the previous statement. Ruby is telling you that you opened a double-quoted string on the previous line, and didn't close it. Just enter a "; the result may be a syntax error, but at least your console will become usable again.

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The quotation mark " indicates that you're in the middle of a string. You can either close the string or, if you press Ctrl-C it should kill the current statement.

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