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anybody can give me explain how to work call-by-name inside of the scala compiler? Syntactic shortcut for that method will be such: arg: =>Int will be transformed to arg: () => Int and captures the passed parameter to the function, how a closure? i.e real type of call-by-name parameter such: Function0[_]?


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What do you want to do? The question isn't clear. – Daniel C. Sobral Feb 7 '12 at 17:59
@DanielC.Sobral Hi. Let's assume that i want something like such: def foo(i: =>Int): Either[Int,Function1[here need the type of 'call-by-name' parameter,Either[_,_]]]. How can i write it? The question of purely hypothetical... – dvigal Feb 7 '12 at 18:38

Call-by-name parameters, as you yourself have discovered, desugar down to Function0[A]. They do not have a first class support, and thus no different type as such.

You can kind of achieve something along those lines using Name from Scalaz. For that, see the accepted answer here.

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If I understand the question correctly, yes the syntax => Int is essentially a lightweight syntax for anonymous parameterless function () => Int, that is represented by type Function0[Int] in Scala. Furthermore, within the VM by-name parameters translate to inner classes.

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There's no such thing as "type by-name". By-name is not a type, it is a parameter passing mode.

You can use a Function0 in place of a parameter that is being passed by-name, but that has different semantics.

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