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So, I have a custom UIView inside a UIScrollView. I am able to detect the touches Events in the customUIView. I am trying to drag the UIView outside the UIScrollView onto a Canvas (UIView). However, when it gets out of bounds from the SrollView, it just hides behind it? How can I overcome this? Thanks guys!

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When you start dragging the view, remove it from the superview that is the UIScrollView, and make it a subview of the app's Window, and bring it to front (z-order-wise).

But first you need to calculate (convert) the dragging view's frame with regards to the window, since the coordinates will be different after changing its superview.

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Yep, thanks for your input. This is the direction I followed and was able to figure it. –  nagendrarp Mar 19 '12 at 22:58

you can use this method [UIView removeFromSuperView];

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