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How can I add UTF-8 support in eclipse? I want to add for example Russian language but eclipse won't support it. What should I do? Please guide me.

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do you want to use translated eclipse or simply change the file encoding? –  soulcheck Feb 7 '12 at 17:39

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Try this

  1. Windows > Preferences > General > Content Types, set UTF-8 as the default encoding for all content types.
  2. Windows > Preferences > General > Workspace, set "Text file encoding" to "Other : UTF-8".
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That was really helpful –  KD. Aug 29 '12 at 11:51
I wrote a blog post about this very topic which illustrates this in great detail (with screenshots etc): Unicode/UTF-8 in your Eclipse Java projects –  Stijn de Witt Apr 5 at 14:29

Just right click the Project -- Properties and select Resource on the left side menu.

You can now change the Text-file encoding to whatever you wish.

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preferences->Workspace, text file encoding (near bottom) has an encoding chooser. You want do deselect "default" and select "other" and pick utf-8.

this is the second option listed by Sajan. His other option did not work for me.

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Windows > Preferences > General > Workspace, set "Text file encoding" to "Other : UTF-8". try for me

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You may require to install Language Packs: 3.2

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