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I wrote a small script which copies the billing address to the delivery address form fields onclick of a checkbox.

I have added validate.resetForm(); as suggested here: to ensure that the current form errors are cleared.

This doesn't seem to be working and clearing no errors.



  1. Click the "Save" button, displays error messages.
  2. Enter details in "Billing Address"
  3. Check the "Same as Booking information"

How can I clear all errors and maybe even re-validate the form after click the checkbox?

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Your problem is that resetForm is a method on the validator object returned by validate.validate(...), and not on the jQuery object itself. Fixed fiddle

var theForm = $(".validate");
var validate = null;
if (theForm.length) {
    validate = theForm.validate({ ... });

The function you want to trigger validation instead is .form()

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Feel so stupid now with a numpty mistake like that – John Magnolia Feb 7 '12 at 18:25
Heh, I'm sure we've all done worse. It's not amazingly clear from their docs either - I ended up reading the jquery.validator.js code. – Rup Feb 7 '12 at 18:50

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