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Here is model structure: Client is User, Client can be corporate or person:

class Client(User):

class ClientCorporate(Client):

class ClientPerson(Client):

And client can make orders:

class Order(models.Model):

I try to create common orders list for any type of client, here is view:

def orders_list(request):
    return list_detail.object_list(request,
        queryset = client.order_set.all(),
        #templates ...

And it leads to an error:

DatabaseError while rendering: no such column: cabinets_order.client_id

I browse db and find that all User childs have column "user_prt_id". So, what's the best way to make it work in django? Create custom manager, or change models in appropriate way? ...

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This error just means you don't have the database column client_id in your cabinets_order table.

Make sure you python manage.py syncdb. If you added the foreign key after syncdbing once, you'll have to reset it, or add the foreign key manually. You can generate the SQL needed by running python manage.py sqlall cabinets, then picking the ForeignKey generation bits.

If you can stand to lose your current data (if in development), just run python manage.py reset cabinets

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Yes, I added foreign key after syncdb, reset helps, thanks! –  Artyom Feb 8 '12 at 6:24

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