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I am using RavenDb embedded. As a part of my intergration tests I want to check objects are persisted. When I SaveChanges on an object, then retrieve it, it cannot be found unless I dispose my connection.

This does not work for me, as no files are returned

 using (var session = _dataDocumentStore.Instance.OpenSession())


using (var session = _dataDocumentStore.Instance.OpenSession() )
          return session.Query<File>().ToList();

I created a Flush method which disposes and recreates a EmbeddableDocumentStore which works, but as this is somthing that feels fundamental I may be going about things the wrong way:

  public static IDocumentStore Initialize()
            instance = new EmbeddableDocumentStore
                DataDirectory = "App_Data/Database",
                UseEmbeddedHttpServer = true,


            return instance;

        public void Flush()


How do you persist in RavenDB and then check it has been persisted? Any advice on this would be great

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is there a reason you are calling instance.Initialize(); you are alreading creating a new instance when you get into the IDocumentStore Initialize() Method – MethodMan Feb 7 '12 at 17:56
What does the database itself show? Check Raven Studio to make sure your save worked. Is your document there? – Bob Horn Feb 7 '12 at 18:47
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Basically, the EmbeddableDocumentStore takes longer to save and Index that new data, than saving and querying.

So when your tests say:-

  1. Store and SaveChanges.
  2. Load.
  3. Did this load?

the load completes waaay quicker than the indexing has had time to finish.

So, Like Daniel Lang said, u need to wait for stale results.

BUT .. you'll have to do that for -every- query you wish to check, in your code. So .. lets cheat (legally) :)

Tell your document store to ALWAYS wait for stale results, if something queries the store.


// Initialise the Store.
var documentStore = new EmbeddableDocumentStore
                        RunInMemory = true

// Force query's to wait for index's to catch up. Unit Testing only :P
documentStore.RegisterListener(new NoStaleQueriesListener());


#region Nested type: NoStaleQueriesListener

public class NoStaleQueriesListener : IDocumentQueryListener
    #region Implementation of IDocumentQueryListener

    public void BeforeQueryExecuted(IDocumentQueryCustomization queryCustomization)



Now to see this in action, check out RavenOverflow @ github. And the Tests project in that solution has all the love you might want :)

enter image description here

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++. For version 3: documentStore.Listeners.RegisterListener – Chris S Sep 21 '15 at 20:30

The reason is, that ravens index is too stale to return something here. You need to do this:

    .Customize(x => x.WaitForNonStaleResultsAsOfLastWrite())

For further reading, go here: http://ravendb.net/docs/client-api/querying/stale-indexes

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