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There are a few tools that I'm developing and one of them requires you to be able to easily create a webserver instance in any folder and run as any user. Something simple like NodeJS, but works with multiple platforms and has an quick and dirty integration with a server-side language.

PHP requires you to setup PHP + Apache. Rails requires Ruby + Ruby Gems and Rails (this is pretty daunting for someone who doesn't normally use a command line). NodeJS is simple, but you need to build everything from scratch.

Basically what the end user to be able todo is:

  1. download and extract the tool (which has the webserver itself contained within its setup files) and put everything into a directory.

  2. run directory/start (this will work as any user).

Any ideas?

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G-WAN can be used to do that because it does not require any configuration (the commands below install the official distribution):

 wget http://gwan.com/archives/gwan_linux64-bit.tar.bz2
 tar -xjf gwan_linux64-bit.tar.bz2
 cd gwan_linux64-bit
 sudo ./gwan

Of course, you can use your own package with your own HTML pages and C, C++, Obj-C or Java scripts in the compressed archive.

Disclamer: I am involved in the development of this project.

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Not to sure about using this. It's not open source and it doesn't work on OSX and the documentation is too scarce. Thank you for the suggestion. –  matsko Aug 15 '12 at 3:11
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The best solution in this case is to use something like sinatra or a Java-compiled program which spawns a HTTP web server. Everything else either needs to be compiled or installed onto the system and doesn't support a server-side programming language.

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Mongoose can do what you want. It also comes with the bundle that include PHP, so everything could be done in single click.

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