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Anyone have any resources for getting started developing WPF apps on Windows 8? I have been to MSDN and Googled alot, but since Windows 8 is still in preview, there's not alot out there as far as development resources.


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Are you just starting out with WPF in general? If so, any of the existing resources is a good enough start. If you are looking to leverage newer Windows 8 features only, then that's another story. :) Good luck! –  Dave Feb 7 '12 at 18:00

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WPF apps for Windows 8/.NET 4.5 are nearly the same as WPF apps for Windows 7/.NET 4

If this is what you want, ignore Windows 8 and focus on WPF for now and pick Windows 8/.NET 4.5 up when .NET 4.5 is released.

Metro apps for Windows 8 are very different and are more similar to Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight.

To learn Metro apps you can use the Developer Preview and online SDK.

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Good news is that there's now a Blend Preview for WPF 4.5 - blendinsider.com/technical/… –  Simon_Weaver Aug 16 '12 at 8:41

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