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I've got a static route in my routes.rb:

match ':action' => 'static#:action'

And I have a file that's called F97F5BF1DF45427AA9399E360EXXXXX.txt. I need to provide access to this file for DCV validation for my SSL provider. I've tried a couple of locations and variations on the file name and still am not able to access the file via http://mysite.com/F97F5BF1DF45427AA9399E360EXXXXX.txt. Tried putting the file in public as well.

What do I need to do to provide access to that text file to any bot crawling the site?

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Normally you should be able to serve it from the public/ directory. But if that does not work, you can simply set up a new route in config/routes.rb:

match '/F97F5BF1DF45427AA9399E360EXXXXX' => "static#foobar"

And then create a new controller serving the file

class StaticController < ApplicationController
  def foobar
    render "your file contents here"
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