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I have some custom HTML that creates a table on my page with a bunch of images. For each image I would like to create a tag around it and call a process that has been defined in apex. How can I do this?

It seems that the only way to call processes is from a object that has been created by Oracle Apex such as a button item....

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Two ways:

1) You can set up your link to submit the page with a request like this:

<a href="#" onclick="doSubmit('MYREQUEST')">...</a>

Then create a page process that runs when Request is equal to 'MYREQUEST'.

2) You can give your anchor an ID:

<a href="#" id="myAnchor">...</a>

Then create a Dynamic Action that fires on the Click event for the jQuery selector '#myAnchor' and executes PL/SQL code.

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Don't think you need the doSubmit Javascript function because if you go to the

report >> edit the column >> column link,

there is a Request field. You can put your request name there.

In page process condition type pick Request = Expression and put whatever you named the request.

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I find javascript more flexible. For example you can implement confirmation dialog with customized text message like followings:

SELECT col1,
       '<a href="#" onclick="javascript:if(confirm(''Submit with '||col1||' ?'')){doSubmit(''REQUEST1'');}">submit</a>' as link
  FROM tab1

Regards, Igor

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