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I've got a CSV that has multiple delimiters and the following format: groupname;user1,user2;user3 groupname;user1,user2;user3,users4

How can i add the users to the AD groups. All the group names in the CSV ends with an ";" seperator and the users users use the "," seperator.

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Have you tried anything besides asking here? –  JNK Feb 7 '12 at 18:18
To give you a hint, I would use Import-CSV with one delimiter (probably ; if the data you posted is two rows) then split the user list on the commas. –  EBGreen Feb 7 '12 at 18:40

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That's a going to make a jagged array if you try to split it at the ; and then split the member list at the commas during the import. It will be difficult to get imported as .csv because you won't have a consistent number of elements in each record.

I'd do the import-csv using the ; as the delimiter, and then split the member list at the commas when it's time to add the members.

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Does the header and data still match up, even with different delimiters? If so, I'd replace the odd delimiter with a comma and then to the import. Unless the file is enormous, I'd simply make a clean, second copy and import that.

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