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I would like to use a GIF image as a loading animation on my Flex application, however I read Flex 3 doesn't have native support for GIF images. Therefore, is there any way to use them without any drawbacks? If not, where can I find some flash animations to include in my app?

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There are a lot of progress indicator flash animations out there as swf which can be easily be embedded (ie. here) or search google for Flex Progress Spinner. It's not that difficult to implement your own anyway. You just need a canvas and some matematics (rotation about point formulars).

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another sample could be this: adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/…. Please feel free to accept this answer. –  Frank Szilinski Feb 9 '12 at 1:29

Yes it's possible. You can find and design your own loading animation in: http://www.ajaxload.info/. All you need to do is add this image in canvas or anyobject then call this one everytime you load.hope this will help you

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