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So I'm writing this program for class and I believe I have it right. But I can't test it because I can't do anything with one of my fields from an input record. I need to add it to different positions in an array but since it is using the wrong field I get an "invalid character in numeric field" error. I have the input record PIC clauses correct too. The input file is coded:

01 SA-SALESMAN-NUM-IN                  PIC 99.
01                                     PIC X        VALUE SPACE.
01 MONTH-NUM-IN                        PIC 9.
01                                     PIC X        VALUE SPACE.
01 SALES-AMT-IN                        PIC 9(5).

SALES-AMT-FILE-IN is laid out exactly like that I've checked it multiple times and checked each record. The section of code I'm getting the error in is:


           AT END
           NOT AT END
              DISPLAY SALES-AMT-IN *I coded this in to check what was in SALES-AMT-IN

The first record of the input file is like this:

30 1 17960

The display statement is giving me:

30 1

I can't figure out why the wrong data is going in there when I have the PIC correctly defined. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong. I'll post the entire code if needed.

WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.                                   
01 PAGE-CTR                      PIC 99     VALUE ZERO.    
01 NUMBER-OF-LINES               PIC 99     VALUE ZERO.    
01 QTR-NUM                       PIC 9.                    
01 NAME-SUB                      PIC 9(3)   VALUE 1.       
01 NUM-SUB                       PIC 9(3)   VALUE 1.       
01 SALESMAN-NUM                  PIC 999.                  
01 SALESMAN-TOTAL                PIC 9(6).                 

01 WS-DATE.                                                
    05 RUN-YEAR                  PIC XX.                   
    05 RUN-MONTH                 PIC XX.                   
    05 RUN-DAY                   PIC XX.                   

01 HEADING-LINE-1.                                         
    05                           PIC X(17)  VALUE SPACES.  
    05                           PIC X(35)                 
    05                           PIC X(6)   VALUE SPACES.  
    05 HL-DATE.                                            
        10  MONTH-HL             PIC XX.                   
        10                       PIC X      VALUE '/'.     
        10  DAY-HL               PIC XX.                   
        10                       PIC X      VALUE '/'.     
        10  YEAR-HL              PIC XX.                   
    05                           PIC X(3)   VALUE SPACES.  
    05                           PIC X(5)   VALUE 'PAGE'.  
    05  PAGE-NUMBER-HL           PIC Z9.                   

01 HEADING-LINE-2.                                         
    05                           PIC X(29)                 
        VALUE 'NUM  NAME'.                                 
    05 THREE-MONTH-NAMES.                                  
        10 MONTH-1-HL            PIC X(11).                
        10 MONTH-2-HL            PIC X(11).                
        10 MONTH-3-HL            PIC X(11).                
    05                           PIC X(5)   VALUE 'TOTAL'. 

01 DETAIL-LINE.                                            
    05 SALESMAN-NUMBER-DL        PIC ZZZ.                  
    05                           PIC XX     VALUE SPACES.  
    05 SALESMAN-NAME-DL          PIC X(20).                
    05 MONTH-1-AMT-DL            PIC ZZZ,ZZZ.              
    05                           PIC X(4)   VALUE SPACES.  
    05 MONTH-2-AMT-DL            PIC ZZZ,ZZZ.              
    05                           PIC X(4)   VALUE SPACES.  
    05 MONTH-3-AMT-DL            PIC ZZZ,ZZZ.              
    05                           PIC XX     VALUE SPACES.  
    05 AMOUNT-TOTAL-DL           PIC Z,ZZZ,ZZZ.            

01 SALESMAN-TABLE                           VALUE ZEROS.   
    05 ENTRIES OCCURS 99 TIMES INDEXED BY X1.              
        10 T-SALESMAN-NUM        PIC 99.                   
        10 T-SALESMAN-NAME       PIC X(20).                

01 SALES-ARRAY.                                            
    05 A-SALESMAN-NUM  OCCURS 99.                          
        10 A-MONTH     OCCURS 3.                           
            15 A-AMT             PIC 9(6)   VALUE ZEROS.   
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I think the problem is that all of your fields are defined a level 01.

Try creating it in a structure like this.

  02 SA-SALESMAN-NUM-IN                  PIC 99.
  02                                     PIC X        VALUE SPACE.
  02 MONTH-NUM-IN                        PIC 9.
  02                                     PIC X        VALUE SPACE.
  02 SALES-AMT-IN                        PIC 9(5).
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That was it. I think I see why it won't work the way I had it. Thanks! –  Shane Feb 8 '12 at 1:26
I would use 05 instead of 02. It's an old programmer's trick - if for some reason down the road you need to add a group item definition, then you can do it without much effort (unless you are a stickler for indentation). It's a throwback to the punched-card days. –  zarchasmpgmr Feb 8 '12 at 16:30
I agree. I worked for one place that always used odd numbers for each level. We also named those empty spaces FILLER, instead of leaving the field name blank. –  Logan Feb 9 '12 at 0:24
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Based on everything you've shown, you must have bad data. For example, your "1" is an "l" (L) or your "0" is an "O".

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SALES-AMT-IN shouldn't even contain 30 1 because of the PIC clauses for the input file. It should contain 17960 but it doesn't. I thought the same thing you are thinking until I put in the display clause and saw that it's not even using the data I'm telling it to. –  Shane Feb 7 '12 at 20:04
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Your File Description is named SALES-AMT-FILE-IN while you READ SALESAMT-FILE-IN. Can't see the rest of the code, but that just doesn't look correct.

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Oops that was a typo when posting. –  Shane Feb 7 '12 at 23:47
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