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I want to make different panel for administrator. I created a folder 'Admin' and I put in there index.php, and folder 'lib' with Frontend.php and Auth.php. In admin panel's pages I want to make use of models, templates etc from my main folder. How can I add this to path finder? Folder structure

  1. MainSite
    1. Admin
      1. lib
        1. Frontend.php
        2. Auth.php
      2. index.php
      3. config.php
    2. atk4
    3. atk4-addons
    4. lib(Models which I want to use, Forms ect, Frontend.php, Auth.php)
    5. pages
    6. templates
    7. config.php
    8. index.php
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Add this into your application init()

    'mail'=>'templates/mail',  // if you want to share mail templates

Also be sure to use


and your index.php needs to include '../atk4/loader.php';

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