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I have a rails project with a lot of duplicate id's (it looks like id's were used like class should have been used), so obviously this is bad.

I need to refactor everything to get rid of the duplicate id's, and need some addon for Firefox (ideally) to validate the page as I view it to ensure there are no duplicate id's, since it's not something I want to chalk up to "look at each page by hand".

Is there an addon or other tool that will allow me to do this? (I have checked through the firefox addons, and found nothing that really works, they all just redirect to the w3 validator, which I can't use, since the app is local).

EDIT: I should have mentioned, I want this on Linux. HTML Validator does not work on Linux

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Install the Web Developer Toolbar, restart your browser and press control+shift+l (control+shift+a in older versions) or use the menu (either right-click or toolbar): Tools > Validate Local

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It just submits the HTML on the local machine, the problem of this that the validator cannot use the http headers to determine the encoding of the document so if your page has non-ascii characters the validator will fail. –  Calmarius Jul 7 '12 at 7:16

Or use HTML Validator, it can even clean your code up using WWWC's Tidy.

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I looked at it, but doesn't run on Linux :( –  Daniel Huckstep May 29 '09 at 2:00
It only works on OS X. But since he didn't supply his OS, I just recommended this. –  Henri Watson May 29 '09 at 22:37

The Web Developer extension should allow you to validate local HTML.

Right-click -> Web Developer -> Tools -> Validate Local HTML (Ctrl + Shift + A)

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Total Validator works well, too.

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