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I have a populated object from using the entity framework. Let's call it Order. The order has different properties such as Id, OrderDate, BillingAddress and so on. I need to let users update this data.

What's the best way to display this data in a form, while enforcing data annotations such as [Required]? I see MetadataType mentioned a lot, but I haven't seen how I can connect the dots with displaying the data as well.

One approach that I could take, but I'd like to avoid because of redundancy, is creating my own model object that has nearly identical properties. Then I would just need to basically just copy entity framework object A to new object B, where B has all my lovely data annotations. It just seems like there might be a better way.

Could anyone provide me with an example of a good way to accomplish this?

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The "better way" is a big reason EF Code First is great. Otherwise, the only other way to do what you need is to do a mapping.

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