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I've read numerous discussions lately about different forms of security for mobile devices outside of the typical password/pin code setup.

The articles talk about recognizing the touchscreen as a human input device and that security measures in apps ought to evolve for that as well.

One such concept involved a graphical keylock like one you would see on a safe. The would have to use multiple fingers to twist it to the correct combination. I haven't done any OpenGL stuff so I wouldn't really know how to develop that, has it been done, is it open source?

I did read this: Security Beyond a Username/Password? , but I am looking for other opinions.

Thanks for any suggestions and resources. Also please post resources instead of voting to close if it comes down to that.

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I cann't say for all mobile devices, but iOS SDK provides UIGestureRecognizer class, you may create a subclass that UIGestureRecognizer that recognizes a distinctive gesture, character or some kind of gesture combination (in your case). I assume another mobile technologies also have similar methods to recognize keylock characters.

Hope it help you.

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yes, Android has a similar class –  CQM Feb 7 '12 at 21:51

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