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I have have a solution that I created with the new modeler tools. This gave me two full "endpoints" in a single solution.

Now when I run them through my automated build, I have two dlls in the same folder that implement IConfigureThisEndpoint.

If I just run NServiceBus.Host.exe \install (to get a Windows Service), it gives me the (expected) error that there is more than one class that can be used.

I did some searching and Udi states here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/nservicebus/message/3937 that "You can specify which class you want loaded and avoid these issues - as the server project in the pub/sub sample shows".

I looked at the pub/sub sample and I can't see how I can specify my class (at least not at the command line).

Is there a way to get around having to modify my build to put the files in separate folders? (Not really an easy task for me.)

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Add a config entry to your app settings with the key EndpointConfigurationType and the value being the assembly qualified name of the type.

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