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I have a controller which process uploaded files by uploadify. The problem is that the Auth::check('default') always return null. So I can't check if the user is logged in and authorized to upload.

class UploadController extends \app\controllers\AppController {

    // this works perfect, the auth configuration is printed out
    public function index() {
        $auth = Auth::check('default');

    // this doesnt work
    public function uploadify() {
        $auth = Auth::check('default');
        print_r($auth); // always empty!

The uploadify function is called via uploadify. I tried to trace the problem back but I ended in StaticObject::_filter where the following if statement returns true:

if (!isset(static::$_methodFilters[$class][$method])) {...}

This differs from the call of index() where the if-statement isn't executed. But I have no idea what's done there.

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With only this piece of code, it seems very hard to help you. Try #li3 on irc.freenode.net. –  greut Feb 9 '12 at 17:58

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Thx to #li3 i got this work with http://www.uploadify.com/forums/discussion/43/using-sessions-tricking-basic-authentication/p1

In the view i used the scriptData:

'scriptData': { 'PHPSESSID': '<?php echo(session_id()); ?>'},

and in the Controller:

public function uploadify() {
  $id = $_POST['PHPSESSID'];
  $auth = Auth::check('default');
  if ($auth == null) {
      return $this->response->status = array('code' => 401, 'message' => 'Unauthorized');
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