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I'm using PHPUnit and Selenium, and currently using something like $this->assertElementContainsText('id=foo', 'bar') which passes when it finds this: <p id="foo">bar</p>

However, I am also trying to test for a case where p#foo might contain other HTML, and I want to test that the contents matches exactly. In my mind, it would look something like $this->assertElementTextEquals('id=foo', '<a href="http://www.example.com/">bar</a>').

Is there an existing way to achieve this with PHPUnit and Selenium?

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You can pass in any Xpath to target the desired element.


You can add the following to your base class to allow testing for exact matches on the contents.

 * Asserts that an element contains exactly a given string.
 * @param  string $locator
 * @param  string $text
 * @param  string $message
public function assertElementTextEquals($locator, $text, $message = '')
    $this->assertEquals($text, $this->getText($locator), $message);
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Thanks. I ended up using Xpath and it seems to be working great. (I wish Selenium offered a way to get the complete HTML contents of a given locator, but I can't seem to find one.) – shanebonham Feb 8 '12 at 23:56

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