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Ted Schlossmacher's free GetQuote extension for OpenOffice.org Calc allows users to access quotes for several types of symbols tracked by Yahoo! Finance. Specifically, the GETHISTORY() function returns a range of past and present quotes.

After installing the extension, try highlighting a 5-column range and then typing =GETHISTORY("PETR4.SA",1,TODAY()-1) (you might need to use semicolons instead of commas) and then pressing Ctrl+Shift+Return. That should provide you with date, open, high, low and close quotes for PETR4, the preferred stock of Brazilian oil giant Petrobras S.A.

My question is: how can I, in one cell, insert a formula that would return me the value of the 5th column of the above array?

I've read the whole user's guide for the extension, but I still can't make this happen. :-/

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This can be done with the INDEX function. You don't need to use ctrl+shift+enter for it to work as it does't return an array.


The 2 end parameters are row,column, and are a 1-based index into the array.

More information about INDEX can be found on any Excel website, or in the LibreOffice Calc help at https://help.libreoffice.org/Calc/Spreadsheet_Functions#INDEX

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Very elegant and effective solution. Thanks, Mike! –  Waldir Leoncio Jun 13 '13 at 11:44

If you need only the latest price (which is the fifth field) I believe you can simply use:


I'm not certain this works to return the current price when markets are open, but it does return the last trade price when markets are closed.

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You're correct, but please note I'm actually trying to get the quote from TODAY()-1, i.e., the previous day. –  Waldir Leoncio Mar 2 at 10:44

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