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I am trying to record a 'time_in', and 'time_out' record on a model called 'timeclock'. Here is what I am trying to do but can't get to work!

  1. Check the last timeclock entry and see if it has both 'time_in' and 'time_out' records filled in. If so, then create a new record (like this?):

    form_for([@employee, @employee.timeclocks.build]) do |f|
      f.hidden_field :time_in, :value => @current_time 
      f.submit "Clock In"
  2. If there's already a timeclock record that is incomplete (has a 'time_in' record but not a 'time_out' record, render a form or update the last record.

I have been able to get the time records into the db, but never on the same data-record, like this: http://cl.ly/E0Rg (image)

Does that make sense? If you need some clarifying questions, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks!

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with the code you present you always create new record as @employee.timeclocks.build is used to create record.

If you want tu update a record you should fetch it first an then pass this record in the form_for method

to fetch a record use @employee.timeclocks.find fappropriate where clause to get the record you want to update

form_for([@employee, @timeclock]) do |f|

  f.hidden_field :time_in, :value => @current_time 

  f.submit "Clock In"


where you set @timeclock in you controller either in with a new record or with the record you want to update

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Thank you so much for your response. This works perfectly. If I had 15 rep I would vote up your answer :( Sorry! –  briankulp Feb 8 '12 at 18:17

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