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I know it's possible, but don't know how.

I need to search Microsoft SQL database for all mentions of specific string. For example: I would like to search all tables, views, functions, stored procedures, ... for string "tblEmployes". (Not data within the tables)

One of the reasons I need this, I would like to remove some extra data tables that are created, but I am afraid that they are maybe used somewhere in procedures or functions.

Any help is appreciated.

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redgate SQL Search –  Mikael Eriksson Feb 8 '12 at 6:04
Hope this will help someone, stackoverflow.com/questions/13174627/… –  zzzz May 27 '14 at 4:09

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this will search every column of every table in a specific database. create the stored proc on the database that you want to search in.


    @DataToFind NVARCHAR(4000),
    @ExactMatch BIT = 0

DECLARE @Temp TABLE(RowId INT IDENTITY(1,1), SchemaName sysname, TableName sysname, ColumnName SysName, DataType VARCHAR(100), DataFound BIT)

    INSERT  INTO @Temp(TableName,SchemaName, ColumnName, DataType)
    SELECT  C.Table_Name,C.TABLE_SCHEMA, C.Column_Name, C.Data_Type
    FROM    Information_Schema.Columns AS C
            INNER Join Information_Schema.Tables AS T
                ON C.Table_Name = T.Table_Name
    WHERE   Table_Type = 'Base Table'
            And Data_Type In ('ntext','text','nvarchar','nchar','varchar','char')

DECLARE @TableName sysname
DECLARE @ColumnName sysname
DECLARE @SchemaName sysname

SELECT  @SQLTemplate = CASE WHEN @ExactMatch = 1
                            THEN 'If Exists(Select *
                                          From   ReplaceTableName
                                          Where  Convert(nVarChar(4000), [ReplaceColumnName])
                                                       = ''' + @DataToFind + '''
                                     Set @DataExists = 1
                                     Set @DataExists = 0'
                            ELSE 'If Exists(Select *
                                          From   ReplaceTableName
                                          Where  Convert(nVarChar(4000), [ReplaceColumnName])
                                                       Like ''%' + @DataToFind + '%''
                                     Set @DataExists = 1
                                     Set @DataExists = 0'
        @PARAMETERS = '@DataExists Bit OUTPUT',
        @i = 1

SELECT @i = 1, @MAX = MAX(RowId)
FROM   @Temp

WHILE @i <= @MAX
        SELECT  @SQL = REPLACE(REPLACE(@SQLTemplate, 'ReplaceTableName', QUOTENAME(SchemaName) + '.' + QUOTENAME(TableName)), 'ReplaceColumnName', ColumnName)
        FROM    @Temp
        WHERE   RowId = @i

        PRINT @SQL
        EXEC SP_EXECUTESQL @SQL, @PARAMETERS, @DataExists = @DataExists OUTPUT

        IF @DataExists =1
            UPDATE @Temp SET DataFound = 1 WHERE RowId = @i

        SET @i = @i + 1

SELECT  SchemaName,TableName, ColumnName
FROM    @Temp
WHERE   DataFound = 1

to run it just do this:

exec FindMyData_string 'google', 0

works amazingly well!!!

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This will only search table columns, he also wants to search trough the stored procedures, functions, views etc. –  Bojan Skrchevski Feb 8 '12 at 8:56
Thanks. This is good to know +1. –  bobetko Feb 8 '12 at 14:43
one for the code snippets. thank you! –  timmah.faase Jan 13 '13 at 12:09
Nice solution, worked instantly! –  Danny Lo Sep 23 '14 at 10:28

If you need to find database objects (e.g. tables, columns, triggers) by name - have a look at the FREE Red-Gate tool called SQL Search which does this - it searches your entire database for any kind of string(s).

enter image description here

enter image description here

It's a great must-have tool for any DBA or database developer - did I already mention it's absolutely FREE to use for any kind of use??

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+1 - Great tool! –  Bojan Skrchevski Feb 8 '12 at 8:55
Really great tool. All frustrations are gone... whatever... :-) +1 –  bobetko Feb 8 '12 at 14:44
Good tool, but it doesn't search for strings in tables –  JGilmartin Jun 3 '13 at 8:37
Doesn't work for me. I'm using Sql Azure. –  Uri Abramson Oct 24 '13 at 13:18
great tool! A DB TOOL MUST HAVE –  Cheung Tat Ming Jan 13 at 2:21

For getting a table by name in sql server:

FROM sys.Tables
WHERE name LIKE '%Employees%'

for finding a stored procedure by name:

FROM sys.objects
WHERE name = 'spName'

to get all stored procedures related to a table:

----Option 1
FROM syscomments sc
INNER JOIN sysobjects so ON sc.id=so.id
WHERE sc.TEXT LIKE '%tablename%'
----Option 2
SELECT DISTINCT o.name, o.xtype
FROM syscomments c
INNER JOIN sysobjects o ON c.id=o.id
WHERE c.TEXT LIKE '%tablename%'
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You can also try ApexSQL Search – it’s a free SSMS add in similar to SQL Search.

If you really want to use only sql you might want to try this script

S.name as [Schema], 
o.name as [Object], 
o.type_desc as [Object_Type], 
C.text as [Object_Definition]
from sys.all_objects O inner join sys.schemas S on O.schema_id = S.schema_id
inner join sys.syscomments C on O.object_id = C.id
where S.schema_id not in (3,4) -- avoid searching in sys and INFORMATION_SCHEMA schemas
and C.text like '%ICE_%'
order by [Schema]
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You can export your database (if small) to your hard drive / desktop, then just do a string search via text editor.

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That's actually not a bad idea. –  Oliver Mar 20 '13 at 20:33
:) You could use a script too. But a good text editor could do almost anything you would need for an SQL code. –  Ivan Ivković Mar 21 '13 at 7:29

you could;

  1. Script the database to a single file and search the file for tblEmployees using a text editor. In SQL Server Management Tools (SSMS) right click over the database and choose Generate Scripts.
  2. Use SSMS 'View Dependancies' by right clicking over tblEmployees to see which other objects are dependant on it
  3. Use a free 3rd party tool such as RedGate SQLSearch to search all database objects by name and content by keyword.
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#1 sounds good. I just can't run it on the server cause I don't have access rights. –  bobetko Feb 8 '12 at 14:27
Thanks. Not sure why somebody gave you -1. I fixed that. Tried RedGate... that totally does what I want. –  bobetko Feb 8 '12 at 14:40

This will search for a string over every database:

declare @search_term varchar(max)
set @search_term = 'something'

select @search_term = 'use ? SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON
    ''[''+db_name()+''].[''+c.name+''].[''+b.name+'']'' as [object],
    b.type_desc as [type],
    d.obj_def.value(''.'',''varchar(max)'') as [definition]
from (
    select distinct
    from sys.syscomments a
    where a.[text] like ''%'+@search_term+'%''
) a
inner join sys.all_objects b
    on b.[object_id] = a.id
inner join sys.schemas c
    on c.[schema_id] = b.[schema_id]
cross apply (
        [text()] = a1.[text]
    from sys.syscomments a1
    where a1.id = a.id
    order by a1.colid
    for xml path(''''), type
) d(obj_def)
where c.schema_id not in (3,4) -- avoid searching in sys and INFORMATION_SCHEMA schemas
    and 0x01 <> (select owner_sid from sys.databases where database_id = db_id()) -- avoid sys databases'

if object_id('tempdb..#textsearch') is not null drop table #textsearch
create table #textsearch
    [object] varchar(300),
    [type] varchar(300),
    [definition] varchar(max)

insert #textsearch
exec sp_MSforeachdb @search_term

select *
from #textsearch
order by [object]
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