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I was trying to follow the example in the document http://docs.jboss.org/hibernate/orm/3.3 ... tch-direct

But get the following error in my server log:

SEVERE: org.hibernate.QueryException: query must begin with SELECT or FROM: update [update hibernate.TbUser u set u.vcUserName = :userName, u.vcUserPsw = :userPsw, u.vcUserFirstName = :firstName, u.vcUserLastName = :lastName, u.vcUserMiddleName = :middleName, u.vcEmailAddress = :email, u.vcPhoneNumber = :phone, u.dtTerminatedDate = :termDate, u.dtHireDate = :hireDate, u.dtUpdTime = :updTime, u.iUpdUserId = :userId where iUserId = :id]

This suggests I need to start the query with SELECT or FROM, however the example uses Update in the update query, so I do not understand what the problem is.

Can anyone show me to an example of how to do an Update??? The documentation apparently does not. Thanks.

Here is the code I am trying to execute:

public int updateUser( String userName, String passwd, String firstName, String middleName, 
        String lastName, String email, String phone, Date termDate, Date hireDate, int id )
    int status = 0;
    try {
        org.hibernate.Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction();
        String cmd = "update TbUser u set u.vcUserName = :userName, "+
                "u.vcUserPsw = :userPsw, u.vcUserFirstName = :firstName, "+
                "u.vcUserLastName = :lastName, u.vcUserMiddleName = :middleName, "+
                "u.vcEmailAddress = :email, u.vcPhoneNumber = :phone, "+
                "u.dtTerminatedDate = :termDate, u.dtHireDate = :hireDate, "+
                "u.dtUpdTime = :updTime, u.iUpdUserId = :userId where iUserId = :id";
        Query q = session.createQuery( cmd );
        q.setString("userName", userName);
        q.setString("userPsw", passwd);
        q.setString("firstName", firstName);
        q.setString("middleName", middleName);
        q.setString("lastName", lastName);
        q.setString("email", email);
        q.setString("phone", phone);
        q.setDate("termDate", termDate);
        q.setDate("hireDate", hireDate);
        q.setDate("updTime", new Date());
        q.setInteger("id", id);
        status = q.executeUpdate();
    catch( Exception e ) {
        status = -1;
    return status;
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Check out this page here, looks like you need to include the antlr*.jar in your classpath and use a different parser, org.hibernate.hql.ast.ASTQueryTranslatorFactory.

Try using that library and see how you go.

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