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I have a need to insert special iconfont children nodes into a base document.

The character sequence that I need is 'fT', and I wrap this in a span to give it a color and size for that font that I want.

The problem is that the parent node of the base document which I am attaching this 'note' child to may sometimes have an uppercase style. As a result, my 'fT' gets converted to 'FT', and I get the wrong iconfont.

My design doesn't want to insert a sibling into the document, but a child node. Is there a way to inhibit the style of the parent, especially if it has uppercase style?

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Than set the class of the element that sets the font the way you want it. –  epascarello Feb 8 '12 at 1:17
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In addition to color and size, also set text-transform: none on the span so that the casing isn't inherited from the parent.

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The simplest way is to set the style by JS - http://jsfiddle.net/RahV3/

yourNode.style.textTransform = "lowercase";
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You could give the child its own style to trump the parent's attribute. Just give it:


and it should override the parent's

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