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I have a object - let's call it $node.

This object has a property called $node->children, which essentially returns a array of child objects (nodes), in the form of node_id => NodeObject:

  [1]  => Node object
  [2]  => Node object
  [3]  => Node object

These child objects are of the same type, so they too have the same property...

How can I gather all the child and grand-child node IDs for a given node?

I need to somehow walk trough the all child nodes, but I don't know how. Right now I'm stuck with array_keys($children), but it only gets me the 1st level children.

Not sure if it matters but this property comes from a magic __get method, I can't see its contents with print_r ...

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function walknode($node) {
  //Do some stuff with the node here, e.g.
  echo "I am working on node $node->name<br>\n";

  if (is_array($node->children)) 
    foreach ($node->children as $child)

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If nodes of all generations have distinct IDs, this ought to work:

$idArray = array();
$nodes = $node->children();
foreach ($nodes as $pKey => $parent) {
     $childNodes = $parent->children();
     foreach ($childNodes as $cKey => $child) {
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Try something like the following:

function walkNodes($node, $props = array()) {

  $props[] = $node->id;

  if(isset($node->children) && is_array($node->children)){
     foreach($node->children as $child) {
        $props = walkNodes($child, $props);

  return $props;
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Assign a method to the class these objects are instances of, something like hasChildren. If during iteration of array_keys($children), one of the children returns true then you have to traverse into it.


class SomeCollection {
    public $name;
    public $children = array();

    public function hasChildren()
        return !empty($this->children);

    public function iterate()
        // process children
        foreach(array_keys($this->children) as $child) {

            // process grandchildren
            if($child->hasChildren()) {
                foreach(array_keys($child->children) as $grandchild) {
                    echo $child . ' is my child & ' .
                        $grandchild . ' is my grandchild!' . PHP_EOL;
            } else  // process children without grandchildren
                echo $child . ' is my child of mine with no children of his own!';

If you want to explore some built in tools checkout the SPL Iterators

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In retrospect this is not a recursive solution! I still think it's useful since it shows the value in abstracting the underlying array away with the hasChildren() function. A more complete example would provide getChildren() as well, but I'll leave that to the exploration of SPL et al for readers. – quickshiftin Feb 8 '12 at 2:56

When i understand your question correctly u get a list of the keys by:


for iterating use

for ($node->children as $key => $value) {
  var_dump($key . ' => ' . $value);
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I think OP was looking for a solution to traverse down to the grandchildren. – quickshiftin Feb 8 '12 at 1:26

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