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I have an UPDATE statement that's intended to update a status field for a limited number of records. Here's the statement:

UPDATE warehouse_box
SET warehouse_box_status_id = wbsv.warehouse_box_status_id
	warehouse_box_status_vw wbsv INNER JOIN
	pallet_warehouse_box pwb ON wbsv.warehouse_box_id = pwb.warehouse_box_id INNER JOIN
	routing_shipment_pallet rsp ON pwb.pallet_id = rsp.pallet_id
	rsp.date_removed IS NULL
	AND pwb.date_unpalletized IS NULL
	AND rsp.routing_shipment_id = 100002

The intended result is for the 6 records that match the WHERE clause to have their statuses updated. What I'm seeing though is that all 200,000+ records are updated. It's as though the WHERE clause is being completely ignored.

Can anyone help shed some light on this for me?

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Replace the UPDATE..SET section with "SELECT * " and tell us how many records are returned. –  Joel Coehoorn May 28 '09 at 0:40
The 6 expected records. –  Erik Forbes May 28 '09 at 0:46

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You do not have the table warehouse_box included in the FROM clause. If you add warehouse_box and join it to warehouse_box_status it should solve your problem.

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Meh. Sure enough. This could be a case study in being too close to the problem... Thanks a bunch. =) –  Erik Forbes May 28 '09 at 0:45

You don't appear to be selecting on warehouse_box in the WHERE and INNER JOINs -- only from other tables...

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What happens when you perform a SELECT with the same FROM and WHERE clauses?

  • If you get all 200K rows, there are things you can do to track down the problem from there.

  • If you get only the 6 records you want to update, it's time to start looking for triggers that might be updating the whole table.

EDIT: Looks like sharper eyes have already found the problem.

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That's what was troubling me - I only got the 6 rows I expected when I used these clauses in a SELECT, and I know no triggers are running. –  Erik Forbes May 28 '09 at 0:46

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