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I have the following routes

GET {company}  Web.test 
GET {company}  Web.samplePage

I can go to just fine UNTIL I add a reference to samplePage.html like so....

<a href="@{Web.samplePage()}">TRY ME</a>

and of course that is because the method is really Web.samplePage(String company) so that a user can go directly to that web page...but I try changing to one of theses and it doesn't work either...

<a href="@{Web.samplePage('${company}')}">TRY ME</a> 
<a href="@{Web.samplePage(${company})}">TRY ME</a>

How does one make sure the Web.samplePage is correct in the href above in the html???

thanks, Dean

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Because you have already specified the @ symbol, you don't need to then use the $ symbol, as the groovy compiler is at that point expecting code. So, assuming company has been passed into the view from the controller, you should be able to do...

<a href="@{Web.samplePage(company)}">TRY ME</a>
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Just for anyone's information; the following syntax achieves the same thing using the built-in tags: #{a @Web.samplePage(company)}TRY ME#{/a} – tmbrggmn Feb 8 '12 at 7:27

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