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Good day, i am a newbie with the multithreading arena and would like to ask for assistance regarding the scenario below:

1) Main java class would query from the db list of files (Collection 1) to be ftp'd to another server.

2) Main class would call another class (Class 2) that would perform different processes depending on the returned data of (Collection 1).

3) Class 2 should perform three process per record(item) of Collection 1 (Sub Class 2). (ftp put, ftp get(Return File), Update the db based on the data of Return File, and send an email to the recipient of the record(item)).

4) End of Sub Class 2 process.

5) End of Class 2 process.

6) Main class still executes until new Collection is retrieved.

Given the main scenario above, the maximum record(item) that can be processed is only 10, until all record(item) is processed.


a) Should the Main class be considered a thread or a runnable since it would only be executed once and let it running for a whole day?

b) What would be the best multi-threading approach that can be done in item 2? (ExecutorService or Thread or Runnable)

c) And of Sub Class 2, should the underlying classes (ftp, DB-Update and Email-sender) be defined as runnable? Where the DB-update process is dependent on the FTP get return file.

d) For the sub class DB-Updater, can it also be implemented as a multi-threaded? (eg. if the records to be updated is around 2000).

e) How can i make the process of sub class 2 become a single entity per item being processed?
And signal the calling class (Class 2) when the process is already finished.

Hope somebody could point me to the right direction regarding my inquiry above.
Thank you very much.

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The main class is always the main thread. you can spawn other threads if you want in your logic. Also, spend some time in anticipating answers to your questions so that you don't have to ask 5 Ques in one go – MozenRath Feb 8 '12 at 3:22
@HovercraftFullOfEels, as the topic implies it is an inquiry and not a give me a source code request. Please be a little open minded as not everybody is as knowledgeable as you. – Dc Apple Feb 8 '12 at 3:34
@MozenRath, thank you for the response, i have already created the main as a thread, however i am confused if it should have been a runnable instance rather than a thread instance. – Dc Apple Feb 8 '12 at 3:37
@HovercraftFullOfEels, well sorry you think that way. Though this topic is an inquiry to validate what i have already done, as what i have indicated i am a newbie in this multithreading. Again i apologize if you are offended by this thread. – Dc Apple Feb 8 '12 at 3:48

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We use threads only if we wish to do long computation tasks in the background.Main task is always the main thread.You can spawn other thread instances from can make your second and third class runnable and use a thread to run them.In your case you need to wait for the threads to finish e.g only after retieval of your collections in your main thread,you can start the second thread and similarly you should wait for the second thread to complete before doing the third thread

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There are two things that i can see you are worried about here and Java has two things to resolve them:

  • Check the javadocs for Thread.start() and
  • Check the javadocs for Executor and ExecutorService

I am sure a lot of whats going on in your head wil be solved by this

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