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I am trying to use the jstree jQuery tree component to stop dragging tree nodes within the tree. Eventually I want to allow some nodes to be dragged (depending upon their content), but initially none.

My issue is that the 'check_move' function is never called.

The jstree.js source has the following at the top, I am assuming that this is a recent versin as i only downloaded it a couple of weeks ago:

* $Date: 2011-02-09 01:17:14 +0200 (ср, 09 февр 2011) $
* $Revision: 236 $

My tree is defined as follows:

 var tree             = jQuery("#" + ss1_favTree_divName);
 var ss1_favTreeTheme = "default";
 var ss1_favList      = ...JSON data... too large to show
 tree.jstree {{ "core" : {},
                "plugins": [    "ccrm", "dnd", "json_data", "themes", "ui"],
                "ccrm" : { "move" : {   "check_move" : function (m)
                                                     { alert("point 1");
                                                       return false;
                "dnd" : { "drop_target" : false,
                          "drag_target" : false
                "json_data":{ "ajax"  : false,
                              "data"     : ss1_favList
                 "themes" : { "theme" : ss1_favTreeTheme,
                              "dots"  : false,
                              "icons" : false
                 "ui"     : { "select_limit" : 1}

I know it's probably not a good idea to put an 'alert' in the function, but this is only test code.

The tree displays correctly, and I can drag nodes wherever i want wiuthin it. I was hoping that:

  1. The 'check_move' function would be called and
  2. That i could stop nodes being moved by returning 'false'.

I am sure it's something I have done, but I can't see what. I am failry new to jQuery and jstree, but have reasonable experience of Java Script.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

I may be a little slow in replying, as i don't always have access to the Web.

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I think I need new glasses :)

I just realised that, for the plug-in name, instead of 'crrm' i wrote 'ccrm'.

As soon as I corrected that, it started working, phew! that's a relief.

Ah well, so many fingers so few brain cells.

Regards, Andrew.

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