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I have a huge problem and I have no idea how to solve it.

First, I have a list of QWidgets that I wont know the length of until runtime. I then create a QListWidget where i show them and when someone click them I use the signal 'currentItemChanged(QListWidgetItem*, QListWidgetItem*)' to catch it and get the clicked items index.

Now I want to do a similar thing in the QMenu. I will know the list when the QMenu and its actions get built, but I wont be able to hardcode this. HOW can I create actions, catch their signals and connect them to the same slot which does different things depending on the actions position (index) in the menulist. There must be some way to solve this since other applications uses this. I tried to look at mapping but I couldnt get my head around how to use it for this.

I tried to grab the sender in the slot but was not able to get any useful information from it. Please help me!

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You can associate an index (or any other data) to each action when they are created with QAction::setData and connect the signal QMenu::triggered(QAction*) to your slot.

You'll then be able to retrieve the data through the QAction::data() function of your slot parameter.

MyClass::MyClass() {
    // menu creation
    for(...) {
        QAction *action = ...;
    // only one single signal connection
    connect(menu, SIGNAL(triggered(QAction*)), this, SLOT(mySlot(QAction*)));

void MyClass::mySlot(QAction *action) {
   int value = action->data().toInt();


Other methods: signal mapping or the use of sender(), are explained in that article of Qt Quaterly.

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oh thank you! I actually solved it in a similar way by using the actions .property and setting "index" to "i" (using a for-loop). I guess data would be another way of solving it :) –  chikuba Feb 8 '12 at 19:42
I tried using the same solution, but it doesn't work. Can you please take a look at stackoverflow.com/q/14151443/986760 and help. Thanks? –  fayyazkl Jan 4 '13 at 5:51

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