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My problem is fairly simple I suppose. Been going through all relevant settings for this and can't seem to figure out if what I'm doing is just impossible or not.

The client has 5 sites / Store views all connected to one DB.

On the back end of one of the store views there is an issue with several parent categories that control different child categories like '2 post hoists' (child) under Vehicle Hoists (parent). The problem is 'Vehicle Hoists' is listing 54 products when the active child product category's products only add up to 18. This is because it includes the 'inactive' child categories amounts as well. This means that when the client on the front end goes to the 'Vehicle Hoists' page, they see ALL the products, not just the ones they should see that are only relative to the current store view.

Incorrect products and quantities are currently displaying on the front end under the 'Vehicle Hoists' page under the 'Heavy Vehicles' view and the 'Manufacturer' attribute when they are only linked to the other store view ('Automotive').

Site is available at www.levanta.com.au/mage

Meanwhile, no products appear under Category Products tab under Vehicle Hoists in this view. Even when reset filter is used.

Any help is appreciated. Backend screen shot available at :

enter image description here

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I think your problem is related to this one: Change Magento product status in different store views - it's impossible to have a product en/disabled in different StoreViews, this only works on different websites.

Looks like Magento doesn't care if the categories are disabled, because the parent is an anchor it just displays what it's got.

The cleanest solution would be to create different websites, not StoreViews, and have a different Category Tree for each one. I'm doing this at one of my client sites, and apart from managing four Category Trees it's not that much extra work.

Regards, Ingo

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Hi Ingo, Thanks for your response. I understand your proposed solution and will have to think about it as it means going back to the drawing board (totally my fault). Thing is, how come when I make a child category 'inactive' the parent category still displays all the products in any child category underneath it? Even the ones listed in 'inactive' categories. The child is no longer in the drop down menu but still displays if products are viewable on the parent category page. –  DanSmith007 Feb 8 '12 at 23:42
Hi Dan, I think this is because of the "Is Anchor" Setting. Maybe it's a bug in Magento, and Magento just pulls up everything under the Anchor-Category and doesn't care if there are disabled categories. I couldn't find anything about this specific issue, so your only choice would be to dig into the code and look what it's doing. –  Novalis Feb 9 '12 at 9:03

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