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imagine if you will the following string:

"A Great Movie (1999) DVDRip.avi"

I am looking to extract the string "A Great Movie" from this via regex, but struggling to get the correct regex for this.

I would be using this too parse file names of various length.


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This syntax is designed around the .NET regex parser (may be different in other regex engines):


You can use this syntax to get out the data you want:

string line = "Movie Text";
Match match = Regex.Match(line);

You can also pull out the Year, AdditionalText, and Extension if you need it.

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This is perfect for me. You have just saved me a lot of work! Thanks! –  Russell May 28 '09 at 2:22

Assuming the bracket is preceded by a space:

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Matches everything up to the first bracket


Faster (marginally) than Ben's option


>>> import re
>>> re.compile("^([^(]+)").match("A Great Movie (1999) DVDRip.avi").groups()
('A Great Movie ',)
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