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Trying to only pull text from a class with a unique name using $.getJSON and YQL. Right now it pulls all data and strips out tags. Anyone know if this can be achieved?

  function filterData(data){
    // filter all the nasties out
    // no body tags
    data = data.replace(/<?\/body[^>]*>/g,'');
    // no linebreaks
    data = data.replace(/[\r|\n]+/g,'');
    // no comments
    data = data.replace(/<--[\S\s]*?-->/g,'');
    // no noscript blocks
    data = data.replace(/<noscript[^>]*>[\S\s]*?<\/noscript>/g,'');
    // no script blocks
    data = data.replace(/<script[^>]*>[\S\s]*?<\/script>/g,'');
    // no self closing scripts
    data = data.replace(/<script.*\/>/,'');

    // the below doesn't work of course, but if I could use jQuery I would do as follows:
    data = $(data).find('.count').text();
    return data;

Here is part of the JSON it pulls:

"div": [
              "id": "store-page-rating",
              "div": [
                "id": "store-six-month-rating",
                "div": {
                 "style": "float:left;",
                 "span": {
                  "class": "rating",
                  "img": {
                   "alt": "Rating 8.68/10",
                   "class": "stars fourhalf",
                   "src": "",
                   "style": "width: 80px; height: 16px;",
                   "title": "Rating 8.68/10"
                  "span": [
                    "class": "count",
                    "content": "27"

How can I just display the "27" on class "count" instead of ALL the data on the domain?

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If you want to pull only 1 class (the one which has 27), div[0].div[0].div.span.span[0].content will return 27 – Jashwant Feb 8 '12 at 5:21
How/where are you using YQL, and to do what? – salathe Feb 8 '12 at 18:46

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I don't think you have much of a choice here, yql provides you a proxy to query the resources that are not on your domain. you can make your own server side proxy that can filter the results and return you the desired output in json format.

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What I had to do and was unaware of was to use XPATH at the end of the YQL statement.

    select content from html where url=""
 and xpath="//span[@class='count']"

See here

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