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I am trying to use the Visual State Manager in blend to animate a state transition. For simple state transitions where I do not have a multi-control, multi-key storyboard things seem to work. When I try to implement a complex storyboard as part of a state transition I am having trouble.

I have a listbox that I am trying to animate movement on a canvas. When I move it using the Blend designer it registers the animation, but the easing for the move is set to "Hold In" and I can not change it. This seems to be making a DiscreteObjectKeyFrame animation, while I believe I want a double animation, but I'm not sure how to make blend do what I want here. Animating opacity seems to work as expected.

How do I animate the listbox's position on the canvas with a linear easing?

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When you say animate movement on a canvas, what effect do you mean exactly? Are you trying to animate the listbox position within the boundary of a canvas control? Or are you looking to just do something that might be as easily remedied as setting easing on a fluidmovebehavior for say a wrappanel to move objects for width/height requirements? Basically what effect are you trying to accomplish? – Chris W. Feb 10 '12 at 16:05
The former - trying to move the listbox position within the boundary of a canvas control. – PatrickV Feb 10 '12 at 19:43

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This was caused by trying to animate a property that only supports discrete frame animation. To get this to work, you have to use a custom path for the animation or pick another property (preferably of type double) that supports smooth animation.

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