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Is it possible to override ModelState Dynamically:

Such that:
Suppose i have 3 ViewModels

Public Class ViewModel1()
  public int pror1 {get;set;}
  public bool DisplayProp1 {get;set}    //if "true"(dynamically) then display it on view else remove it from the view
  public bool RequiredProp1 {get;set}   //to make that property Dynamically Required if "true"

  public DateTime pror2 {get;set;}
  public bool DisplayProp2 {get;set}
  public bool RequiredProp3 {get;set}    

  public String pror3 {get;set;}
  public bool DisplayProp3 {get;set}
  public bool RequiredProp3 {get;set}

Public Class ViewModel2()
 public int pror4 {get;set;}
 public bool DisplayProp4 {get;set}
 public bool RequiredProp4 {get;set}

 public DateTime pror5 {get;set;}
 public bool DisplayProp5 {get;set}
 public bool RequiredProp5 {get;set}

 public String pror6 {get;set;}
 public bool DisplayProp6 {get;set}
 public bool RequiredProp6 {get;set}

Public Class ViewModel3()
 public int pror7 {get;set;}
 public bool DisplayProp7 {get;set}
 public bool RequiredProp7 {get;set}

 public DateTime pror8 {get;set;}
 public bool DisplayProp8 {get;set}
 public bool RequiredProp8 {get;set}

 public String pror9 {get;set;}
 public bool DisplayProp9 {get;set}
 public bool RequiredProp9 {get;set}

And a controller with three associated action. and 3 Strongly typed view for each ViewModel.
Now here i want to display only needed fields on view with appropriate message.
At our View we can use a script with if else statements or we can use if else in our View itself.
Eg strongly Typed View for ViewModel1

@if(Model.DisplayProp1 ==true)
<text> * </text>Html.EditorFor(model=>model.pror1 )
Html.EditorFor(model=>model.pror1 )
else{//do nothing}
@if(Model.DisplayProp2 ==true)
<text> * </text>Html.EditorFor(model=>model.pror2 )
Html.EditorFor(model=>model.pror2 )
else{//do nothing}
@if(Model.DisplayProp3 ==true)
<text> * </text>Html.EditorFor(model=>model.pror3 )
Html.EditorFor(model=>model.pror )
else{//do nothing}

i.e by doing this we can easily check either to display property or not in view, if you know some better way to do this then please let me know.

Now my question is for Data Annotation at my controller action i want to check for ModelState.IsValid

Public class homeController: controller
public ActionResult(ViewModel1 obj)
if(Model.State.IsValid)    //here i want to override this property or override anything that solve my purpose : dynamic validation for each ViewModel such that 

My custom way to do this is to pass an object from that [httppost] action to some method from there i can check easily what error message and on which condition i use to add
i.e few conditional check and ModelState.addModelerror("propName","message"); can easily accomplish my work but i need some better approach.????

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Model.State.IsValid should be ModelState.IsValid –  3nigma Feb 8 '12 at 6:15
i wrote the whole code here only. so please ignore corrections. –  RollerCosta Feb 8 '12 at 9:15
i am looking something like "DataAnnotationModelValidator" "override BindModel" dynamically. i.e i want to provide myapp user with an option where he/she can select(display or not) and set level(required or not) for fields only once at signup(among several) and later i want that particular user with those selected fields only –  RollerCosta Feb 8 '12 at 9:29
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