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  • Windows 7 Ultra
  • VS 2010 Ultra
  • Entity Framework 4.2
  • Entity Framework Power Tool CTP1


I'm doing some exercises about EF Code-First. During doing it with local server of SQL Sever 2008 Express, the EF Power Tool can display the entity data model diagram. it works well.

After I define a connectionstring in app.config to connect a LAN server of SQL Server 2008, view the entity data model again. The EF Power Tool shows me a dialog of error HResult 0x000xxxx. By running the application, it rebuilds the tables in database as I expect.

I found a comment in the page of downloading EF Power Tool CTP1. The Devart team gets the problem like me.



  1. Is any tool like the EF Power Tool to create data model diagram with POCOs and DbContext?

  2. How to do to fix the problem above?


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  1. Unlike EF Power Tool, Devart Entity Developer allows you to create data model diagram with POCOs and DbContext at design time initially. Please take a look at this article.

  2. Since there is the problem with usage of existing DbContext with connection string from the *.config file, you can be interested in generating Code-First fluent mapping by Devart Entity Developer. However, if you are going to use EF Power Tool, please take a look at this article.

Devart Team

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I tried to set the DefaultConnectionFactory in the main(), but didn't place it into the context constructor. The problem is so awful. Thanks. –  Abbey Feb 8 '12 at 13:24

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