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I'm working with Ruby. I want to convert UTC to various time conversion. I follow the link here.

My code is:

class TimeFormat
  def convert_zone(to_zone)
    original_zone = ENV["TZ"]
    utc_time = dup.gmtime
    ENV["TZ"] = to_zone
    to_zone_time = utc_time.localtime
    ENV["TZ"] = original_zone
    return to_zone_time

t = TimeFormat.new

But it shows:

undefined method `gmtime' for #<TimeFormat:0x9043388> (NoMethodError)

What's wrong here?

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If you get an error when calling 'convert_zone' saying "undefined method `gmtime'", you are probably passing something instead of the required Time object as a parameter.

Here is something similar that you might looking for. http://www.java2s.com/Code/Ruby/Time/Converttimetotimezone.htm

You can extend Time class and define your own method.

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You can change the class name as Time.

Then call it as,

t = Time.new

gmtime is a method of Time class.

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