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I am using Silverlight Business Template for creating a Silverlight application. I have multiple services (WCF Plain, not WCF RIA). When we create Silverlight Business Template type application, we get login stuff (more like boilerplate code). I want to make use of it with my plain WCF services. I need to do the authentication (User Login, Role Management) while using the Services I have in place. How can I do that? Is it some realistic scenario. Any help will be highly appreciated.


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I have implemented this Manually:

  • Hide your navigation links in the login page.
  • After user press login button test the User-password and return the role
  • when the role of the user is returned to the client do the following:
  • Enable the required links for the role
  • Navigate via the code to the appriate page.

Good Luck, Lior

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