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I stored private key in a file using keystore

 ks.setKeyEntry("kk1", pr, pass, cert1);
 //ks is obj of keystore,
 //kk1 is alias,
 //pr-->is private key,
 //pass->is the password to protect that key,
 //cert1-->is the certificate chain..

I printed "pr"(private key) while storing to the file. I another program I opened the file and read the contents using method isKeyentry and printing Private key using getkey....

I am not getting the both(private key) values same...(password is fine because if it is wrong the file will not open)..What's wrong???? Does it need to be same???

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You are going to have to show the two different outputs. – Jim Garrison Feb 8 '12 at 7:01
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It is not possible to verify 2 key values with any parameter like hashcode,toStirng etc. This is the method I followed: I tried to encrypt some data using both the keys and verified if I am getting same data or not.Whle comparing use Array.equals() since we get byte array after encrypting.

I did this just to know whether I am retrieving the same key that I kept in a file using keystore.

Thank you....

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How are you measuring equivalence? The simplest, safest, method I can think of would be to do the following:

MessageDigest md = MessageDigest.getInstance("MD5");
byte[] digest = md.digest(pr.getEncoded());
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