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I'm testing my android app using robotium, I have used fragments in my activity, can anyone tell me how to test Checkboxes present inside the custom ListView, I'm not able to get the indexes of the CheckBox to check or uncheck them.. Thanks

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I think the best way is to use:


So use:

solo.clickOnCheckBox(0); //to check or uncheck the first checkbox
solo.clickOnCheckBox(1); //for the second
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Something on the similarity of this:

CheckBox cb = (CheckBox) activity.findViewById (;
cb.getVisibility () == View.VISIBLE; //example

Natali, and if the application is multilanguage? And if the time will change the value of the text? If pressed, then the ID is better. For example:

CheckBox all = (CheckBox) solo.GetView(;
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Try to call

solo.clickOnText("your CheckBox name");
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