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i am working on jsf 1.2 application. i have kept bean in request scope and used h:commandLink inside datatable which passes rowId to bean class. But it is not working if i keep bean in request scope, i needed to change it to session scope. but there is problem of session scope as i come back to tab that uses this bean it shows previous values (Obviously), which i dont wont.

can any one tell how to solve this problem

1>either how to use h:commandLink inside dataTable when bean scope is request or 2> how to remove bean from session scope.

please help me out thanks in advanced.

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i got solution to my problem to how to remove bean from session scope, I have use following code when i go back to previous page :

HttpSession session = (HttpSession) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSession(true);  
        return "prevPage";
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