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i am using google map kml field (direct iframe code from gmap) for showing different locations/shops on map: Google map @my site,

i need to add a search box from where user can search nearest shops to his/her location...

can any body help me in this out..

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It is my understanding that the API does not provide support for searching your provided KML: google maps API geocode finds nearby KML

Google provides a service called placesService ( https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/places ) which lets you make requests to their database of content and return results in the form of KML near a location within some bounded area - but to my knowledge you cannot specify the source to search. (You could try testing the placesService, with a KML layer set on your map and see if it includes your data).

Assuming you are generating you KML from a database, can you could regenerate it appropaitely filtered or styled based on the user's search terms. This seems the most likely solution without additional details.

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