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My Question is how to change image id from drawable folder in setImageResource() in android. My drawable folder contains icon0.png to icon9.png and i want to change these images in image view dynamically using this

 ImageView iV3;
iV3 = (ImageView) findViewById(R.id.imageView3);
iV3.setImageResource(R.drawable.icon + speed_Arr[2]);

speed_Arr[2] contains any value from 0 - 9. But this didnt change images. Plz help me out. regards.

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public static int getIdentifier(Context context, String name)
    return context.getResources().getIdentifier(name.substring(0, name.lastIndexOf(".")), "drawable", context.getPackageName());

Above code will return the resource id from name String.

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int res = getResources().getIdentifier("< packageName:drawable/imageName >'", null, null); Use this res in your iV3.

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