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i'm trying to implement a search method, which returns a index of a object where it should be inserted in a sorted list, recursively.

Here is my attempt.

 //listSize is the number of elements inside the sorted list 
 //sortedList is the actual structure holding the values
 // Note: the parameter Value is comparable.  
 public int search(T value,int index){

    if(listSize == 0){
        return 0;
    if(index > listSize){
        return listSize+1; //add at the end
    if(value.compareTo(sortedList[index]) > 0 && value.compareTo(sortedList[index+1]) < 0){
        //value is less 
        return index+1;
    }else if(value.compareTo(sortedList[index]) == 0){
        //both are same
        return index+1;
    return search(value,index++);

for some reasons i seem to be getting a StackOverflowError

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should you use ++index? –  Nishant Feb 8 '12 at 8:36
Even if you fix the error properly identified by templatetypedef, you're still going to have the problem that you're using a stack frame per element in the list, so you'll still encounter the problem whenever your list is larger than a few thousand elements. Seeing how the list is, indeed, sorted, you will probably want to implement a binary search instead. –  Dolda2000 Feb 8 '12 at 9:22
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When you're saying

return search(value,index++);

The effect of index++ is "increment index, then hand back the value that index used to have." This means that the value of index passed into the recursive call will be the same as in the original call. I think you want to change this to read

return search(value, index + 1);

Which more correctly passes the value of index + 1 into search.

There may be other errors here, but this certainly is going to cause problems. Try changing this and see what happens.

Hope this helps!

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++index should do the same. –  Nishant Feb 8 '12 at 8:39
LOL cant believe i made that mistake! –  Raju Kumar Feb 8 '12 at 8:39
@Nishant- That's true, but since index is a local variable that's about to go out of scope I don't see any reason to use ++index here. The side-effect is misleading and a minor tweak to the code (going back to index++) breaks it. –  templatetypedef Feb 8 '12 at 8:39
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Didn't you forget the case, that you have to insert before index? If value < sortedList[index] your method will call itself recursively endlessly...


If you fix your "index++" bug, you should now see the incorrect behavior that values that are supposed to be inserted at the beginning of the list, would instead be appended.

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