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I have a git repository named main_repo where the contents are

      HEAD  branches  config  description  hooks  info  objects  refs 

i clone the git directory with git clone main_repo test_branch


      cd test_branch
      git branch new_branch
      git branch gives me 
         * master

My question is how to check this branch into the main_repo and also can i see the new_branch in main_repo branch directory .

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1. git checkout new_branch. 2. push the branch back to main_repo (named origin) –  CharlesB Feb 8 '12 at 9:39

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Your main_repo is a "naked" git repository. You're not supposed to us it directly.

Please see this article on how to push a new local branch to a remote git repository.

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to change local branch:

git checkout new_branch

To push to remote repo:

git push origin new_branch.

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