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Is there an observer which can be used to observe events when a product is removed from the cart? I haven't found any.

What I have found is checkout_cart_update_items_after which can be used if a product is removed by altering the product count, but not when the user uses the remove button. The only alternative I see in the moment is checkout_cart_save_after which is used whenever the cart changes. Of course this needs custom logic which check which product was removed. Not perfect.

So is there a better way to watch out for remove events?

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You can use the sales_quote_remove_item event, dispatched in Mage_Sales_Model_Quote::removeItem().
The removed item is passed to the observer as an argument.

Mage::dispatchEvent('sales_quote_remove_item', array('quote_item' => $item));

To get the associated product model in an event observer, use $observer->getQuoteItem()->getProduct().

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Regarding the question of watching for events (whatever they may be), see Mage_Core_Model_App::dispatchEvent(). Sample debug/logging code:

public function dispatchEvent($eventName, $args)
    $argsArray = array();

    $logfile = fopen(Mage::getBaseDir().'/var/log/events.log','a');

        foreach ($args as $k => $v){
            switch (gettype($v)) {
                case 'object':
                    $v = get_class($v);
                case 'array':
                    $v = 'array';
            $argsArray[$k] = $v;

    $log = $eventName.":\r\t";
    foreach($argsArray as $k => $v){
        $log .= $k;
        $log .= "\r\t\t".$v;
    $log .= "\r\r";


    // ...Rest of method...
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