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Let's say I have this code:

<p dataname="description">
Hello this is a description. <a href="#">Click here for more.</a>

How do I select the nodeValue of p but exclude a and it's content?

My current code:

$result = $xpath->query("//p[@dataname='description'][not(self::a)]");

I select it by $result->item(0)->nodeValue;

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Simply appending /text() to your query should do the trick

$result = $xpath->query("//p[@dataname='description'][not(self::a)]/text()");
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Could u pls explain why is it like that? –  Pineapple Under the Sea Feb 8 '12 at 11:57
Without /text() you select the whole node including it's children. Element nodes does not have text themselves, instead it's text is stored in a child node called text node. nodeValue is used to get the text value of a node. Calling nodeValue on a node with children get's all child text nodes and concatenate them. With /text() you only grab the first child node of type text, and therefore only get the text of this text node –  Kristofer Feb 8 '12 at 12:13

Unsure if PHP's XPath supports this, but this XPath does the trick for me in Scrapy (Python based scraping framework):


If this doesn't work, try Kristoffers solution, or you could also use a regex solution. For example:

$output = preg_replace("~<.*?>.*?<.*?>~msi", '', $result->item(0)->nodeValue);

That'll remove any HTML tag with any content in it, excluding text which is not encapsulated by HTML tags.

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